Electrical Hazard Boots

Electrical hazard boots are commonly known as EH Boots or EH-rated boots in industries or powerplants. Electrical hazard boots are provided protections from electric shock or electrocution because the entire surface of the boot is made from non-conductive materials and these material does not allow the electric current to pass through the body or stop …

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What is Welding Glass?| Types of welding glasses|

Welding is a dangerous job. Welding glasses are types of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by welders. In welding operations, eye injury is most common and dangerous. Welding safety glasses come with infrared (IR) filters that protect eyes from flash burns, ultraviolet rays (UV rays), and flying particles or flying objects during welding operations. It …

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What is PPE?

PPE means personal protective equipment. PPE is a type of equipment that is used to protect the person from hazards like a spark, dust, dirt, fumes, etc. Personal protective equipment is the barrier between the hazard and the worker. PPE cannot eliminate the hazard but it can help to eliminate the injury and reduce its …

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